Why the Holistic Route?

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During my initial thryoidectomy, I incurred paralysis of my vocal cords. What’s this mean? It meant I couldn’t swallow, talk, or use my throat muscles in the normal manner we neglect to think about every day. I had to concentrate on swallowing each time I sipped through a straw or drank the water off  an ice cube, in order to prevent over use of the paralyzed muscles. If I didn’t, I’d lose control of them and be thrown into a choking frenzy. My vocal cords were paralyzed to the point that they leaned in my airway like a broken tree branch. My breathing was labored, my voice was practically non-existent, and I wasn’t allowed to eat anything outside of a ball of mush for a week. The surgeon couldn’t predict if my cords would ever move again. They said the paralysis could take weeks, months, even years to heal.

Eventually, I’d be able to talk again. Although, my voice did become lower in volume and a bit raspy. I was also able to eat without compiling a plate of mush. But, as the next year progressed, it became harder and harder for me to breathe. I was losing sleep. My skin had become pale, and I had sharp pains in my back and lungs on a regular. The loss of air flow from my new, tree-branched vocal cords took a toll on me. I visited a new surgeon for a consultation. My endocrinologist and pulmonary doctor was treating my symptoms as COPD. I knew it wasn’t COPD because I could feel the obstruction in my airway the entire time. The new surgeon immediately sent me to the hospital for an emergency tracheotomy. It clearly showed on his puzzled face, that he feared for my life. The doctors projected it’d be, at least, six months that I’d have to keep this tracheotomy in my neck. I hated it. I, again, had no voice and a constant pain in my chest and neck.

I wanted to find out how I could expedite the healing process. I wan’t settling for six months with a tube in my neck. This tube changed my whole life. I spoke using a virtual voice off of a table, I had to make sure my neck was covered in the shower, if it was windy, I couldn’t go swimming, or participate in any physical activity…hell, I could barely turn my neck completely to one side. This is when I ventured out to a spiritual psychic for advice.

“Eat more blueberries. And bell peppers. I don’t know why, but I keep getting bell peppers.”

That was it? I paid this psychic $50 to tell me to eat blueberries and bell peppers. I was a little hesitant, but I was even more desperate. For the next couple of months, I committed to increasing my blueberry and bell pepper intake.

I went back and forth to my new surgeon for three months. Each visit was a new declaration of progress. She lasered my vocal cords down so they didn’t sit completely in my airway. It wasn’t a full removal, in order to preserve what was left of my voice, but it was enough for me to begin breathing through my mouth and nose again, and not this stinky, ol’ tube. After the third month, she announced that my cords were strong enough to remove the trach tube. She was amazed. So was I.

I wanted to figure out why the spiritual psychic recommended blueberries and bell pepper. Oddly enough, I pulled out a chakra chart and noticed the blue chakra is at the center of the throat. Focusing on foods with colors from the blue family strengthened this chakra. Green is the heart chakra. It focuses on the heart which is, obviously, located in the chest area.  Go figure!

This, is where my holistic journey began.