Expanding Elastic or a Fear of Diversity?

I had a moment of thought today. It was about some of my peers and their limited thinking, at times.  I was reminded by a, simple, tickling of the nose when I was in the car spraying eucalyptus oil. I thought to myself, "How could anyone not enjoy the aromatic stimulation of natural oils?" I … Continue reading Expanding Elastic or a Fear of Diversity?

#MuteRKelly… and the Rest of Them???

How I see it... I feel like we, as physical beings, should be compassionate towards Michael Jackson and R Kelly and Bill Cosby... and I am. I reeeeeeeeally am. (Michael Jackson has always been my number one favorite!)   I don’t wanna be conditional and say "I'd support them if they showed guilt or remorse or confessed" because that’s not our role.  We're supposed to see the bright light in people. We're supposed to understand that everyone goes through their own period when they're disconnected from source. So, I don't engage in conversations where they're belittled or called disrespectful names... I don't gossip with others agreeing that folks should go to jail or even talk about what type of punishment they should receive...But, then it just doesn't feel right to support the process of worshiping them and supporting their music because of the person they "were" when it was made.