Your God’s Bipolar

Time for a good ol' ramble... I've been listening to the people around me and their discussions regarding family, faith, work, and politics. One thing that always comes into the conversation is God. People justify how government systems should be run, spouses should interact, jobs should be delegated; all off of their one view of … Continue reading Your God’s Bipolar

Expanding Elastic or a Fear of Diversity?

I had a moment of thought today. It was about some of my peers and their limited thinking, at times.  I was reminded by a, simple, tickling of the nose when I was in the car spraying eucalyptus oil. I thought to myself, "How could anyone not enjoy the aromatic stimulation of natural oils?" I … Continue reading Expanding Elastic or a Fear of Diversity?

The Sexy Struggle (Shedding pounds of life)

Back Then   189 Lbs. I stared at the white, digital scale that normally hid in the corner of my bathroom closet. "Maybe this thing was off." I moved the scale to an even surface. Laid it flat on the floor and tried again. 188.8 Lbs. "Hmmmph." It appeared my scale had a sense of humor. … Continue reading The Sexy Struggle (Shedding pounds of life)