Just In Case

“Good things happen all the time. Good things can happen to me.”

Shit happens. We all know this. So, why don’t we prepare for it? Why does it always seem to throw us off our game? Because it’s work, that’s why. Changing your state of mind is work. Hard work, at that. It’s even harder to start this process of change when you’ve become so emotionally invested. Whether you want to overcome depression, achieve peace in your life, relieve stress, teach yourself how to think positively, or simply get rid of a bad attitude; Just in Case Shit Happens is a daily guide recommended for you. “Just in Case, Shit Happens” makes it easier for you to remain emotionally grounded.The daily affirmations teach the reader how to train the brain to view your personal experiences from enlightening perspectives. With empowering statements from 12 different themes, this book is worth doing the work. Memorize an affirmation, write it down, or set it as an alert in your phone, email, or calendar. You will thank yourself later.

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