“Who do you think you are; God’s Gift to this Earth? Well, you should. I am here to remind you that you are pure love, an extension of the greatest source, a part of a grand scheme that you will never, physically comprehend. You are special. You are worthwhile. You are God. You have a purpose here on this earth, even if you don’t understand it. You do not exist, solely, to prove yourself worthy. You are not here to be as perfect as you can be. You are here to evolve, to grow, to exist as part of a physical community of contrast. People will learn from you. You will learn from other people. Together we will evolve into 1 conscious, 1 energy, and (in the words of Mr.Marley) “One love”. Consider yourself valuable. Even when you’re mistreated, the other person has to learn a lesson in their actions. When you mistreat others, you also learn. At your best, you are LOVE. At your worst, you are LOVED.” -Holding Hands with Happy “Holding Hands with Happy” provides readers easy ways to be happy through daily, activitiies that encourage positive, self reflection. These no-cost exercises are perfect for motivated individuals, seeking to continue their momentum. “Holding Hands with Happy” is also suitable for readers who struggle with the everyday balance of feeling inspired. You may have asked, “What do I do to get happy?” This daily guide to being happy may be small, but the results are emotionally, physically, and undoubtedly rewarding. DarLuz approaches the topic of nurturing self happiness in a witty, compassionate, and realistic manner. Her guidance is adaptable to any life style. The book is sectioned into 15 activities, with easy to understand directions and lessons on why each activity plays an important role in the reader’s day. “Holding Hands with Happy” definitely delivers. It’s a must read for anyone who understands; happiness is a state of mind. Once achieved, it holds your hand wherever you journey. “Holding Hands with Happy” is the 1st of 3 in the Little Books, Big Results series

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