#MuteRKelly and the rest of them???

How I see it…

I feel like we, as physical beings, should be compassionate towards Michael Jackson and R Kelly and Bill Cosby… and I am. I reeeeeeeeally am. (Michael Jackson has always been my number one favorite!)   I don’t wanna be conditional and say “I’d support them if they showed guilt or remorse or confessed” because that’s not our role.  We’re supposed to see the bright light in people. We’re supposed to understand that everyone goes through their own period when they’re disconnected from source. So, I don’t engage in conversations where they’re belittled or called disrespectful names… I don’t gossip with others agreeing that folks should go to jail or even talk about what type of punishment they should receive…But, then it just doesn’t feel right to support the process of worshiping them and supporting their music because of the person they “were” when it was made.

Why’d I do it?

I decided to kick meat for a few reasons. It was a mixture of things…some personal, some learned, some spiritual” some inspired. For an example, I absolutely love the movie Avatar.  Avatar brings to life the essence of being able to connect with something other than your fellow human being. Something like a love for…

The Struggle

Back Then   189 Lbs. I stared at the white, digital scale that normally hid in the corner of my bathroom closet. “Maybe this thing was off.” I moved the scale to an even surface. Laid it flat on the floor and tried again. 188.8 Lbs. “Hmmmph.” It appeared my scale had a sense of humor….