A Quick Hello….


Hello fellow readers.

I’m D’Lisa (feel free to refer to me as D) a lover of life and everything about it. A true fan of all things sexy; I especially dig live music festivals, kayaking through a natural park,¬† sushi by skyline, and even a cool night swim.
I have a degree in Audio Engineering and I’m a huge fan of mixed media. So, you’ll definitely find me working on a few creative projects at a time.
Did I mention “I’m a writer”? Yeah, I do that too. I’m often lost in a witty self-help manuscript, but I’m working on a couple of fictional books, also. (Romance, of course.) My favorite¬† books to read are Spiritual, New Thought, Poetry, and Autobiographical.
You can follow me or pop your head in here and there on most of social media. Can’t wait to meet you!