#MuteRKelly… and the Rest of Them???

I feel like we, as physical beings, should be compassionate towards Michael Jackson and R Kelly and Bill Cosby… and I am. I reeeeeeeeally am. (Michael Jackson was always my number one favorite!)   I don’t wanna be conditional and say “I’d support them if they showed guilt or remorse or confessed” because that’s not our role.  We’re supposed to see the bright light in people. We’re supposed to understand that everyone goes through their own period when they’re disconnected from source. So, I don’t engage in conversations where they’re belittled or called disrespectful names… I don’t gossip with others agreeing that folks should go to jail or even talk about what type of punishment they should receive…But, then it just doesn’t feel right to support the process of worshiping them and supporting their music because of the person they “were” when it was made.

I know we’re guided by our emotions …and mine just don’t feel good when I listen to Kelly or MJ’s music right now.      😦       So, I’m leaving them alone. But, I support the beautiful art of creating powerful music and touching lives. I think this is one of those situations where you just have to meditate…send loving light to the accused…send loving light to the victims…and release it. Then, go back and observe how the music feels to you when its played. You may be able to enjoy it or you may decide to leave it alone. Do your own work around the situation and don’t just fall in line with everyone else…physically justifying why you don’t like them or why you do like them, and don’t believe the hype. I really feel this is an internal situation that should be dealt with from within. It’s times like these that should bring us together to, not only, promote awareness in efforts of protecting girls, boys, men, women, and each other but to also spread conscious awareness of practicing compassion every single day. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

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