Why’d I do it?


I decided to kick meat for a few reasons. It was a mixture of things…some personal, some learned, some spiritual” some inspired. For an example, I absolutely love the movie Avatar.  Avatar brings to life the essence of being able to connect with something other than your fellow human being. Something like a love for a pet dog or cat, or a horse would resemble this on a physical plane. The characters acknowledge the animals’ existence even if it was a negative experience in their lives. They mourned having to take the life of a spiritual connection.

However, I think the biggest impact for me was watching a food documentary and seeing the Handler mistreating a chicken. He was collecting them from the farm to be processed for consumer demand. You can see how detached he was from the animal and the idea of it being a living, breathing creature. It was almost as if he acted like the only way to do his job or perform to a certain standard was detaching himself from the other party in the situation, Mr.Chick. (Yeah, I named him).

When I eat food, I try to embrace every aspect of it. From the way it was grown to the type of weather temperatures the food endured, it’s all interesting to me. It’s all part of giant collection of events that we experience together. We’re all existing right here in the now as humans, animals, plants, water, clouds, tornadoes, fire, dirt. You get the picture. So, I like to smell, feel, taste my food as I enjoy it. I like to think about is natural origins. I might not be experiencing pure authenticity in every meal I eat, but I understand the importance of its history. I understand how different cultures may use a certain vegetable in a stir-fry, on a sandwich, in a juice, as an ingredient in a facial cleansing mask, mixed in a house hold cleaner. It’s pretty fascinating, if we slow down from taking over-sized bites and actually think about it.

During, both, my thyroid surgery and my vocal cords surgery, I was pretty much on a mechanical, mushy diet. At one point, I could only have ice chips through out the day. (I wanna give a shout out to a couple of nurses that snuck me chocolate milk and rice krispy treats at night.) Anyway, once I could eat regular, textured food again…it was game on . My tastebuds were heightened, my sense of smell was intensified. I wanted to experience this high forever!

The more natural foods I tried, the more I wanted. My wife was beginning a vegetarian/pescatarian route herself at the time. I especially like this particular food.

It didn’t take long for my negative experience watching Mr. Chick to meet my organic appreciation of healthier foods. Little by little, I began to let go of different meats and substitute them for fresh vegetables.  Fast forward to today, and Im a natural junkie. Call me vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan…whatever you want. I know what I like. And I like sexy food.

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