The 9-6


Some times I sink into this black hole.

The air is cold like a NY winter’s night.

I look around and see a mirage of emptiness

I’m fighting for light. I’m trying to fight.

Straining to funnel my passion inside an empty cup.

There’s a broken handle. A chipped rim. Stained walls.

What luck.

Can I give more? Do I have anything left to give?

How thin can I stretch?

I hear the yearns from my intuitive.

6th Sense

3rd Eye

Great Source

Wise Guy

Skillful Labor

Labor of Skill

Compromising to fit in

Against my own will.




Ego plays on its own limitations.

Your move.

Make it big.

Your next.

Their rules.

It’s all a rig.

Gain your respect.

I’m fighting to stay above this cold black hole.

Don’t let it suck me in.

No no no

Under the wings of an eagle,

Protecting my soul

Sitting in my seat

Like an endangered species.

Who do you turn to

 They step on spirituality.

But there’s a bigger picture.

There is a brighter day.

From this cold black hole

I will escape.

Watch me run.

Watch me do it.

Turn this 9-6

into a margin of profit.

Stack up my lessons cuz

Ya reap what you sew.

All the blessings I’m claiming

Line ‘em up in a row.

No time for explanations.

No energy to explain.

I figured it all out

Playing this role like a chess game.

Stay in ya head,

One step ahead.

As long as they provide the butter

I’ll bring the bread.

I see my name

Circling In strobe lights.

Right on top of that red stage

Damn it’s bright.

Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa

She’s a beast

What an intimidating

Soul raging

Mind engaging


Won’t rest until I find success.

Won’t back down

Excel on every test.


 like ya favorite pair of jeans

I make it look amazing

While I chase these dreams.

Some times I sink into this black hole.

But I’m rising out.

Call her a snowman.

She was built from the cold.

     ~D’Lisa DarLuz 

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